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Adopting Courage Foundation Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with a mission to effect positive change in the lives of underserved youth. Inspired by the “Adopting Courage” bestselling book written by its founder Michelle Dennis; The Adopting Courage mission is driven by her journey of healing and self-discovery after spending many years of her childhood placed in various foster care programs before being adopted.


We don’t leave our youth behind. The community is our future.

Mental Health

Numerous resources are available to provide a chance for youth to thrive.


Investing in our youth is the vehicle that provides superior education.

How We Got Started

Possessing a first-hand perspective on the emotional, mental, and often environmental deficits that misplaced youth are at risk of experiencing, Michelle launched the Adopting Courage foundation to help mobilize grassroots initiatives that support the overall wellbeing of at-risk youth. With a focus on access to mentorship, mental health resources, scholarships for higher learning and opportunities for creative and entrepreneurial advancement, the Adopting Courage Foundation utilizes a community collaborative approach to make an impact in the lives of youth.

Adopting Courage:

A survivor's guide to triumph after trauma

Courage is the choice you make when you decide to break free from the chains of your past. Focusing on your healing is a demonstration of self love that you can’t afford to ignore. Your happiness is worth the work required to heal. Living with unresolved emotional injury holds you captive to an outdated version of yourself. You deserve to live a life that reflects the biggest dream you can dare to imagine. When you gain the courage to work on yourself you set yourself free from the prison of your past. This book is a survivor’s guide to help you navigate along your personal growth journey.
Youth Impacted

How To Support

Our 2022-2023 CARE initiative is a grassroots campaign to mobilize the mission of organizations who share a common mission to educate, inspire and equip a future generation of leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and change agents with the tools, insight, resources and mentorship to lead lives of courage, contribution and care despite the hardships they may have been born into. Funds raised in support of this collaborative community initiative help us to support the efforts of our CARE recipients and community partners.

Where we've made a difference

  • Foster Connect Nevada
  • Assistance league of LA
  • Youth Empowerment Success Services, Atlanta
  • Our Kids of Miami Dade

Our CARE Recipients

The AC Annual Gala

This regal fundraiser has been curated to align leaders, celebrities, founders and highly successful CEO’s with the community initiatives that they believe in and want to support.

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